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We combine storytelling with socio-cultural themes to create inspiring personalized stories that entertain, empower, and engage a future generation of children.

The Magic of Storytelling

There is something very natural about storytelling that we can all enjoy. For kids, though, storytelling is just... magical. That’s why we at lululittle wholeheartedly believe in creating amazing, magical stories that kids will love and want to read over and over again. But there’s even more to our stories. We strongly believe that everything is best conveyed and remembered through storytelling. That is why we ensure our personalized stories are ones that empower children to become positive forces in their changing and diverse communities.

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Your Child, the Hero

No one is more interesting to children than... them! Our personalized stories feature a hero character - your child. We make sure that our stories are personalized in different and unique ways that will leave them surprised and entertained throughout. Don't forget to tap on the pages of the book in our story section for a little sneak peek!   

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Empowering Themes

Whether our stories are inspired by a blossoming period of history or by exemplary collaboration in modern society, lululittle's themes explore our children’s place in the globalized world today. We hope that our skilfully personalized stories will deepen the conversations across generations and would cultivate in kids a love of stories early on, starting with ones that would give us pride in our human history and inspire the power of plurality in our diverse worldwide community.

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Children want books that have characters they wish to be like. In our stories, that wish comes true!

Personalization can strengthen a child’s sense of identity and can stimulate interest in self image.

We naturally gravitate towards what’s personalized to us. Psychology calls it "implicit egoism".

75% of children all over the world still prefer print books over digital books. We agree! Plus, there is no substitute for the touch and feel of a real print book.

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