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Our first personalized book, “The Quest for the Golden Story”, stars your little one as a curious child who is transported on an adventure searching for a certain golden story. A mind-expanding and culturally-rich adventure awaits, as our hero meets charming characters inspired by scientists and great thinkers from the Golden Age, introducing some of the world’s most important advancements. Your child will be intrigued and engaged at the turn of every page with personalized surprises, and a story that is both educational and heart-warming.

It's all about... THEM!

Children want books that have characters they wish to be like. What if your child IS the character? Not only a character, but a hero! This is a story that is personalized in many ways, perhaps more personal than personalized. Not only is your child's name in the story, it is illustrated in the sky! You'll even come across a map of their country, plus a handful of other personalized surprises!

A Universal Story

This story is aimed at everyone, celebrating curiosity, kindness, discovery, and diversity. It praises the glorious ancestors of one of the many surviving cultures that still play a vital part in our world today. It is a story that won’t fail to instill pride in humankind and nurture our universal instinct for sharing knowledge. Above all, it is a story that illustrates the magical experience of falling in love with a book. And not just our book, all books – even the concept that books exist! (Can you imagine a world without books?!)

An Educational Story

Our story holds magical mysteries to be solved and discoveries to be made. If you and your kids are buzzing with more questions, check out the learning and activity section at the end of the book. Here we take storytelling a step further with background info and activities, for further discussion and, well, just some fun! Coupled with our blog resources, we wish to inspire kids’ imaginations to the maximum and quench your little one's thirst for knowledge.

A Cultural Story

Our story is a celebration of a 1,000-year era (7th-17th century) known as the Arab Golden Age of Science; a culture whose heroes – through their ideas, discoveries and inventions – helped to shape the world as we know it. Our books seek to inspire those who wonder about their history or that of others. Our stories enable us to travel through time, not only sharing knowledge, but giving readers a peak into cultures different to our own, but where, undoubtedly, we find common values.

An Entertaining Story

A rollercoaster story of discovery and adventure = FUN, especially when you’re the hero! Our story takes your child to a faraway place and time, meeting scientists and inventors. Here, our hero – your child, helps great minds to answer great questions.

An Empowering Story

Inspired by a rich culture, our story wishes to empower kids with a strong sense of pride in their own culture and heritage as well as admiration and acceptance of others. Throughout this story, we hope to inspire children with lessons of courage, and more importantly a love of books that will empower them with the most important gift of all: knowledge.

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